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  1. COVID-19 is not just like the flu, it is quite different. Read more here.
  2. No, COVID-19 is not just “killing old people.” Learn the facts.
  3. No, there is no hard evidence to suggest that warm weather will kill COVID-19. The science is emerging.
  4. No, boiled garlic will not cure COVID-19. This is just a myth.
  5. No, drinking water does not cure COVID-19. That’s just a myth.
  6. Yes, hand-washing is often more effective than hand sanitizer! Learn more here.
  7. No, drinking bleach will not cure COVID-19. This is a deadly rumor.
  8. No, black people are not immune to COVID-19. That’s a deadly myth.
  9. No, the World Health Organization is not warning against Ibuprofen. That’s a myth.
  10. People of all blood types are susceptible to getting COVID-19. Learn more.
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