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Each day, a set of articles are posted providing a snapshot of the most important and substantive information occurring in the past 24 hours. If you have news that you’d like to submit, please use the chatbot in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

March 24th

Coronavirus Fears Lead School Districts to Halt or Make Changes to Children’s Food Services — Louisiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and West Virginia have suspended or adjusted their meal-distribution programs as employees either have contracted COVID-19 or fear that they will.

The “services” offered by jails don’t make them safe places for vulnerable people — This blog post by the Prison Policy Initiative is a reminder that prisons and jails are not good at providing health and social services to incarcerated persons, exacerbating the impact of public health crises.

Fired Americans Send Unemployment Websites Crashing Down — So many people are filing for unemployment at one time that the sites can’t handle the amount of traffic and are crashing.

Trump and His Kids Won’t Get a Dime of Coronavirus Aid From Stimulus Bill, Says Report — In the initial reports coming from the latest stimulus package, there is an explicit carve out noting that Trump and his family cannot receive any of the funds.

Even After Trump Declared a National Emergency, Some Talk Radio Hosts Weren’t Convinced — Some of the largest talk radio hosts were still telling people that COVID-19 was just like the flu and were downplaying the seriousness of the public health crises, even after Trump himself noted that this was not a hoax.

March 23rd

Why Coronavirus in Jails Should Concern All Of Us — Research shows that “jails and prisons are sites of disproportionate infectious disease rates” and that these rates contribute to community infectious disease mortality because jails are revolving doors.

Why The US Can’t Process Coronavirus Tests As Fast As South Korea — This explainer video helps to provide context on why there’s a delay in getting test results.

As coronavirus spreads, Maryland officials begin turning Baltimore Convention Center into makeshift hospital — Maryland is turning the largest convention center in the city into a hospital to manage the anticipated flow of patients.

Trump activates National Guard in three states in response to coronavirus pandemic; Canadian Olympic Committee says it will not send team to Tokyo Games in 2020 — This is a solid run-down of the range of activities that happened in the past day, including information about the delayed Olympics & the National Guard mobilization.

White House tells anyone who has left NYC that they should self-quarantine — As NYC has become a “hot spot” for COVID-19, the White House is asking that anyone who has recently left the city to proactively self-quarantine so as not to spread it unwittingly.

March 22, 2020

Inside Law Enforcement’s Coronavirus Slowdown — Law enforcement is fundamentally changing given the restrictions about physical contact and concerns about prison and jail populations. 

Life On Lockdown in China — This insider perspective of someone who had been on lockdown for 45 days in Chengdu, in southwestern China, with his family. It is a fascinating read. 

Coronavirus isn’t alive. That’s why it’s hard to kill. — This article details the science behind COVID19 and why it is particularly challenging to eradicate.

Kong Kong appeared to have the coronavirus under control, then it let its guard down. — This article describes how Hong Kong had become to see a significant decrease in cases until travelers, either residents who left or people arriving from other countries, caused a new spike. 

Rand Paul is first senator to test positive for coronavirus. — Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky tests positive for Coronavirus. Remember, Sen. Paul had part of his lungs removed recently. 

March 21, 2020

Us coronavirus death toll hits 300 as more states urge residents to stay home — As of Saturday, the combined US death toll was at 323, the highest thus far with Washington and New York having the most Corona-related deaths.

Watch How The Coronavirus Spread Across The United States — This infographic shows how the cases of Coronavirus spread from state to state.

Keeping The Coronavirus From Infecting Health-Care Workers — This article describes the unique risks that health-care workers face and explores how Hong Kong and Singapore have mitigated such risks with their health-care workforce.

How The Coronavirus Became an American Catastrophe — This article details when government officials were first made aware of the presence of COVID and how inaction led to a public health crisis.

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