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Give money (or food) to a food shelter

Food shelters can buy food in bulk and that’s why donating money to a food shelter often goes a longer way than donating actual food items. They often can feed four families with a $1 donation!

To find a food shelter near you, click here.

If you’d like to donate food (or other supplies) to a food shelter, please consider this list put together by Feeding America of the do’s and don’t’s of donating items. Remember, do not donate anything that you would not accept (i.e. used, open, or unsanitary products, etc…).

Donate blood (need hosts and donors)

There is currently a blood shortage as a result of social distancing, with the Red Cross noting that blood drives have been cancelled and donors have stopped donating. The FDA has also asked for increased donations at this time. But we will need a healthy blood supply for a host of medical procedures that will remain important.

There are three major blood suppliers, the most popular being the Red Cross. Visit these sites in this order to see if there’s a drive near you:

Find a blood drive hosted by the Red Cross, America’s Blood, or

Think about sponsoring a blood drive when it’s clear to gather again.

Develop A Mutual Aid Network

Mutual Aid Networks are citizens coming together and organizing to create systems and structures of community-based support in times of need instead of forcing individuals to fend for themselves. Mutual aid is rooted in solidarity, not charity — in developing relationships and structures where everyone contributes in assisting each other.

Mutual Aid Networks are about manageable, local, actionable units to support the people around you. You have likely participated in something like this in your life but called it something else — when a crisis happens and people came together to support each other for a sustained period of time. Click here to find or log a network near you!

This is an excellent resource from Massuchusetts on setting up and managing a Mutual Aid Network.

Click here to access a resource explaining podmapping, a way to visually represent the network around you and to help plan better.

Click here to access a robust set of resources related to the formation of Mutual Aid Networks that also includes a list of existing networks one can join.

Volunteer with SwingLeft To Impact The Election

There are plenty of ways you can help shift the political landscape right from the comfort and safety of your home. Swing Left offers virtual tools to help you maximize your impact on the closest races in Super States across the country. There are a range of options like hosting a virtual house party, writing letters to voters in Super States, hosting a virtual letter writing party, calling voters from home, or hosting a virtual fundraiser. Click here to volunteer today!

Volunteer With Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels operates in virtually every community in America to address senior hunger and isolation. There has been a deluge of calls to Meals on Wheels from seniors needing food and other supports. Click here to sign up to volunteer. Link

Volunteer at a Food Bank

Food Banks still need volunteers, as they are seeing volunteers cancel in record numbers — some will require you to engage in heightened hygiene practices and others may ask you to sign a waiver about your travel. Remember, only volunteer if you are at low risk of either having COVID-19 or being a carrier.

Click here to find a food bank near you. Once you find the food bank nearest to you, you will see the “Volunteer” button that will take you to the volunteer opportunities for the specific food bank.

Buy Gift Cards To Support Local Businesses

Help your local small business by buying gift cards to provide critical cash support during the COVID-19 crisis. America’s small businesses are a key part of our society and economy. Support Local and Help Main Street are leading these efforts. Square also launched to purchase gift cards from local small businesses.

Volunteer With The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project recruits passionate volunteers to staff the crisis intervention services for LGBTQ youth. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old and there are a variety of roles available. Click here to volunteer with The Trevor Project.

Volunteer to be Crisis Counselor for the Crisis Text Line

The Crisis Text Line is the free, 24/7 text line for people in crisis in the United States. The service is powered by volunteer Crisis Counselors who work remotely — anywhere with a computer and a secure internet connection works. Click here to volunteer to be a Crisis Counselor.

Volunteer To Be An Emergency Medical Volunteer (Medical Professionals Only)

Click here to sign-up as a Volunteer Health Professional in your respective state. (link forthcoming)

Volunteer For A Medical Trial

Seattle Kaiser-Permanente is looking for volunteers for its Coronavirus Vaccine Study. Click here for more information.


If you know of other trustworthy funds to amplify, please let us know by using the chat bot on the bottom right of the site.

Crooked Coronavirus Relief Fund – Donating here is split between 8 organizations providing immediate assistance and relief to people impacted by COVID-19, including homeless, medical professionals, domestic workers, and food insecure persons.

Demand Elected Officials Protect Everyone

  • Click here to monitor actions being done at the state/local level to protect vulnerable populations. This tracker, by The Appeal, is excellent.
  • Click here to monitor state-level legislation on COVID19 that is being proposed or has been enacted across the country. This tracker is by the National Conference on State Legislatures, and is comprehensive.
  • At the city/count level, demand that:
    • Police and sheriff’s departments stop arrests for non-violent offenses and begin screening and releasing people from jails, starting with those who are older and/or immunocompromised. This is happening in Boston, Utah, LA, Sacramento, Hillsborough, Nashville, Alameda County, Houston, and many other cities/counties across the country.
    • District Attorneys stop prosecuting people for non-violent offenses during this time. This is already happening in Baltimore, Boston, LA, Brooklyn, and other cities across the country. 34 elected prosecutors issued a joint statement calling for immediate changes to the carceral system because of COVID19.
    • You can track incarceration rates updated a weekly basis for almost any jail & prison in the country to see whether they’re actually reducing incarceration here:
  • State: 
    • Governors should issue pardons and/or commutations that release people from prison, prioritizing those who are older and/or immunocompromised. 
  • State departments of corrections should waive any fees associated with obtaining healthcare, soap/hand sanitizer, and communicating with relatives via phone or video from prison. This is beginning to happen in some states.
  • Governors and state legislatures should pass legislation to expand the availability of unemployment benefits, paid leave, free childcare for grocery and delivery workers, and waive rent and mortgage payments until the crisis is over. States that have not yet expanded Medicaid should do so, without any limitations like work requirements, as well.
  • Federal:
    • Congress should pass legislation making Medicare available to everyone who needs it, cancelling debt payments, and offering paid leave to every worker.

Volunteer Locally

Denver, Colorado | Silicon Valley | Bushwick, Brooklyn, NYC | Alabama (BoomerBuffers Facebook Group) | Colorado Government Donation/Volunteer Site | InvisibleHandsNYC | The Table Church DC

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