There are a host of trusted sources about COVID-19 data on the internet that people should access.

Johns Hopkins Interactive Map — This is the most comprehensive data mapping of confirmed cases, deaths, and recoveries across the world.

NYT Case Count and Map — The NYT keeps a comprehensive US-based map of cases disaggregated by how the virus was contracted, deaths and cases by state, the cases by day and by county. 

WHO — The World Health Organization publishes a daily PDF of statistics and important news that includes an analysis of the global landscape. 

NYT Estimate Interactive — The NYT has created an interactive tool where the suer manipulates the infection rate and fatality rate to estimate the comparison of deaths by COVID-19 to other major killers.

US Health Weather Map — This is a visualization of seasonal illness linked to fever — specifically flu-like illness. It is anonymized and has been a good predictor of outbreaks before other, more official, mechanisms. The source for this is Kinsa’s Smart Thermometer data.

The Federal Legislative Response To Coronavirus — This tracker keeps tabs on federal legislation related to Coronavirus.

State Action on Coronavirus — This tracks monitors proposed and/or enacted legislation at the state-level.

State and Local Actions on COVID-19 — This tracker is focused on issues of race, equity, and justice and monitors actions by government officials related to COVID-19.

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